Meet El Trillo, a black honey coffee from Costa Rica

El Trillo comes from the famed coffee-producing region of Tarrazú, located within the interior mountains of Costa Rica. Specifically, this offering was produced by the Familia Gamboa Leiva, a group of siblings who each operate a small farm. Each farm is connected by a system of trails (or trillos, in Spanish), and the siblings make decisions about coffee production together. Heiner, Elsi, Olivier, Franklin, Blanca Nieves, Ronal, Hancer and Gretel, are carrying on the coffee tradition of their father, Don Tuto, who was initially in charge of all of the farms of El Trillo.

As many coffee enthusiasts will note, Costa Rica is the site of the original “honey processed” coffee, and where this practice continues to be perfected today. During honey processing, some percentage of the coffee cherry’s mucilage is left intact while the coffee dries. This step can impart a deeper sweetness, and full, syrupy body with darker fruit tones. El Trillo was processed as Black Honey, meaning a significant portion of the mucilage was left intact during drying (compared to “White” honey, which leaves very little mucilage).

The result is an exquisite coffee that’s incredibly comforting and reminiscent of baked golden raisins, toasted almond and caramel sauce. It’s an incredible everyday drinker that’s straightforward to dial in at home while also providing enough nuance to satisfy the palate of more discerning coffee drinkers.

For a limited time, El Trillo also comprises 50% of our Double Trouble blend. We expect this coffee to be available for the next four weeks.