Tastebud Tantalizing Ethiopians, El Salvador

It’s that special time of the year, when fresh crop Ethiopians begin landing stateside. We’ve been cupping lot after lot, waiting patiently at the cupping table to select the ideal lot/s to add to our lineup. We have our first two stunners ready for release - Duromina and Gore Dako.

Both of these washed process Ethiopian coffees come from Agaro Gera in the Jimma Zone, a coffee producing area that has seen a remarkable turnaround in quality in recent years. Jimma largely produced lower quality natural process coffees until support came via USAID’s Technoserve program, which assisted in modernizing processing methods. Now, Jimma coffee showcases its stellar flavor characteristics and has gained the attention of the global specialty coffee industry.

Duromina features flavors of ripe melon and apricot sweetness, with a pop of Meyer lemon acidity and a honeysuckle floral note. Gore Dako shows hints of berries and a flavor reminiscent of Blue Raspberry. As it cools, notes of lemonade and grapefruit acidity emerge. An elegant sweetness of honey and toffee persists throughout.

We’re also excited to release our first offering from El Salvador. Santa Matilde comes from Concepción de Ataco in the El Salvadorian department of Ahuachapan in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range and coffee region of the same name. This Bourbon variety was honey processed, and the result is a sweet and dense coffee with red apple acidity, vanilla sweetness and a creamy appeal similar to drinking cashew milk.

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