The Starting Lineup

The 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers featured, arguably, the best starting lineup in NBA history. On that team were Magic Johnson, Byron Scott, James Worthy, A.C. Green and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Most of these players were in their prime, and even Kareem, at 40, was averaging nearly 15 points per game.

You might be asking yourself: What. The. Hell? Let me explain. This past year as we were planning Mammoth Coffee Co. I've been thinking a lot about starting lineups. There’s so much pressure to get the right players in the right positions, and they’ve all gotta sync up and work together if you want to accomplish your goals. And also, like Kareem, I’m almost 40. Just to think about what he did at 40 years old is amazing. I’d literally fall to pieces if I so much as attempted a layup!

At the same time this is all relatable, because the coffees we source not only have to be exceptional in their own right, as a menu it’s all got to make sense and perform complementarily. That said, I’m very pleased to present the starting lineup for Mammoth Coffee Co.! “Annndddd Nowwwwww…”

Double Trouble - Espresso Blend

You realize that Magic averaged a double-double that season? (I’m so sorry, this will be the last basketball reference.) But you’ve got to be suuuuuper consistent to do that. That was the idea behind Double Trouble, our workhorse espresso blend. It’s a 50/50 blend that is incredibly reliable and sets the foundation for how our espresso drinks come together. The components will change throughout the year (currently Brazil and Costa Rica) but the profile will be consistently delicious. By the way, don’t sleep on this as a filter brew! We’ve got it on our pour over menu as well.

Kiambu - Kenya

There are few pleasures in life as delectable as a fine Kenyan coffee. The sparkling acidity, vibrancy, depth and luxurious mouthfeel are all hallmarks of some of the very best coffees I’ve had in my lifetime. Kiambu, from the acclaimed Muiri Estate in Kiambu County, certainly delivers. This area of Kenya features some of the best coffee mills and quality labs (not to mention the Coffee Research Institute) in the world! This coffee is also certified organic, which is especially rare in Kenya.

Cocodrie - Ethiopia

Rather than a specific coffee, Cocodrie is an idea of a coffee. This coffee will change throughout the year, but will always feature a natural processed coffee from Southern Ethiopia. Cocodrie showcases the classic flavors of natural coffee from this region, like bursting berries, syrupy body and candy-like sweetness. It’s an adventurous coffee and a perfect representation of a style that over the years has captivated the coffee drinking world.

El Trillo - Costa Rica

El Trillo comes from the small network of family farms operated by the Gamboa Leiva siblings. Each sibling operates their own farm, although they are connected through trails, or trillos. The farms are located in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, one of the most densely planted coffee regions in Central America. This coffee is Black Honey processed, meaning a large portion of the mucilage surrounding the coffee seed was left intact while the coffee dried. The result is a lovely body, and notes of creamy milk chocolate, caramel and golden raisin. El Trillo is a comfort-driven coffee and an excellent daily companion.

You can learn more about our current offering here. Order online, or come see us in our cafe.