Visit a brewery for some of the best coffee in New Orleans

Hey friends, did you know dope coffee experiences can be had outside of your favorite coffee shop? Case in point, we teamed up with Miel Brewery to launch a nitro cold brew that’s only available in their taproom. That’s right, some of the best coffee we make isn’t even at Mammoth Espresso! But what the hell is nitro cold brew, even?

Is it cold brew coffee served by TV personality Danny Lee “Nitro” Clark to a cast of amateur athletes on the set of American Gladiators from my childhood? Or is it cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, flowing straight out of a keg and into your glass? Either way, it sounds great and I’m here for it.

In reality, we’ve sourced a fantastic coffee we call Cocodrie, and our friends at Miel Brewery keg it and hook it up to a special tap line. The team at Miel dialed in the nitrogen, which is a colorless, odorless gas that’s highly pressurized to send micro-bubbles into the coffee. The result is an uber creamy, distinctly sweet-tasting cold brew with a velvety texture.

If you’re thinking, “I believe I’ve had nitro cold brew before, dude, big whoop,” then I’ll remind you that you haven’t had this nitro cold brew. Cocodrie is an amazing coffee from Ethiopia’s Guji region. It’s natural processed (meaning the coffee cherry dries on the seed post-harvest), which results in distinct muddled-strawberry notes and a syrupy body. The inherent sweetness of this coffee strongly resembles milk chocolate, so when hooked up to the nitro line the result is the sensory equivalent of chocolate cake with strawberry glaze (or strawberry cake with chocolate sauce, I can’t decide).

It’s on tap now at Miel for a limited time, along with a buncha great craft beers.