Mammoth Coffee Company

Githongo (Kenya)


 Tangerine, Bing Cherry, Pomegranate, Golden Raisin

Origin Kenya
Region Kiambu
Producer Smallholder Farmers
Variety SL28, SL34, Ruiri 11, Batian
Elevation 1,800 masl
Processing Washed


This coffee comes from the Githongo Coffee Washing Station in Kiambu, where roughly 1,400 smallholder farmers in the region deliver their coffee. Kiambu, located in the central highlands of Kenya, has an ideal climate and altitude for high-quality coffee. Its combination of rich volcanic soil, ample rainfall and high altitudes contribute to the development of coffees with vibrant acidity, complex flavors and excellent balance.

Githongo features a sparkling acidity that the best coffees from this region are renowned for. This vibrant, effervescent acidity is often identified through pronounced citrus or notes of blackcurrant. In Githongo, the flavors of tangerine and pomegranate shine, and are balanced by sweet notes of cherry and golden raisin.

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