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Kiawamaruru (Kenya)


Passion Fruit, Grape, Cocoa, Lavish

Origin Kenya
Region Njiru-ini, Gakindu, Nyeri, Central Province
Producer Smallholder Contributors to the Kiawamaruru Factory
Variety SL 28 & SL 34
Elevation 1,500 masl
Processing Washed


The Kiawamaruru Factory is wholly owned by member coffee growers, and some 705 producers in Njiru-ini, Gakindu - located within Kenya’s famed Nyeri District - contributed to this offering. Producers here manage small plots of land, with an average of 250 coffee trees per farmer contributing to the Kiawamaruru Factory.

Kenya is an amazing country for coffee lovers. Kenyan coffees are renowned for their powerful aromas, sparkling acidity, sweet berry flavors and rich mouthfeel. The culmination of these attributes gives many Kenyan coffees a sort of luxurious quality. It’s a unique quality, no doubt, and many of our favorite coffees in Kenya have come from producers in the Nyeri District in the country’s Central Province.

Kiawamaruru features a punchy note of passion fruit and a grape-like candy quality reminiscent of Pez. A cocoa sweetness provides plenty of depth to the coffee, and it has a wonderful lingering finish. Kiawamaruru is very well-structured. As the coffee cools its components don’t break down a bit, and even at near-room temperature this coffee’s acidity and sweetness are wholly intact.

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