Mammoth Coffee Company

Nyeri Hill (Kenya)


Hawaiian Punch, Malted Chocolate, Lavish

Origin Kenya
Region Nyeri Hill
Producer Nyeri Hill Estate
Variety SL28, SL34, Ruiri 11, Batian
Elevation 1,800 - 2,000 masl
Processing Washed


Nyeri Hill is the largest coffee estate in Kenya at 3,962 acres. It is run by the Catholic ArchDiocese of Nyeri, which has been involved in coffee agriculture and economic development projects in Nyeri since the mid-20th century. Coffees from Nyeri Hill are highly regarded within specialty coffee, and the estate has been instrumental in promoting sustainable agriculture, community development and social empowerment initiatives in the region. This includes its support of local farmers, to which it provides training and resources to improve coffee cultivation practices and, thus, improves the economic prosperity of surrounding communities.

Nyeri Hill offers the quintessential Kenyan coffee experience - vibrant acidity, complex flavors and exceptional balance. Its delightful acidity is reminiscent of tropical fruits, and these bright notes are balanced by the flavors of malted chocolate and caramel. Nyeri Hill is incredibly well-balanced.

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