Mammoth Coffee Company

Raro (Ethiopia)


 Sports Drink, Kiwi, Strawberry, Tropical 

Origin Ethiopia
Region Uraga, Guji
Producer Various Smallholder Farmers
Variety Dega, Kurume
Elevation 1,950-2,250 masl
Processing Washed


Ethiopian coffees are notorious for their ability to challenge the conventional thinking around what a coffee can taste like. In part, this is due to the amazing genetic variety found in the “birthplace of coffee,” as the vast majority of coffee varieties here have yet to be categorized. Also contributing is the idyllic climate, sky-high elevations and rich soil.

This is our second time offering coffee from Raro, but each offering and each lot selection is a unique experience. This Raro Lot #2 appealed to our sense of adventure and curiosity. The coffee has a remarkable scent of strawberry and ripe berries, while the flavor in the cup highlights layers of tropical fruit and what we can best articulate as “sports drink,” a rather juicy and playful blend of red fruits, citrus and kiwi.

Grown on semi-forested land, the cherries are delivered by farmers to Raro Boda, a vertically integrated wet mill that exports their coffees with SNAP, an exporter run by a coffee-passionate entrepreneur, Negusse Debela. SNAP is dedicated to sustainable practices, including investing in waste recycling at its washing stations and educating the farmers they work with on processing and cleaning methods.

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