Mammoth Coffee Company

Buku (Ethiopia)


 Skittles, Lemon-Lime, Papaya, Juicy 

Origin Ethiopia
Region Guji
Producer Various Smallholder Farmers
Variety Dega
Elevation 2,000-2,350 masl
Processing Washed


Coffees from Guji are appealing due to their bright acidity, high florality and enticing fruitiness. On the cupping table, this lot from Buku Sayisa checked every box we were looking for: zesty citrus, candy flavors, tropical fruit and a captivating aroma.

Buku is a crowd-pleaser for fans of Ethiopia coffee, but also delivers a sweetness, depth of flavor and medium body that appeals universally to coffee-lovers of all stripes. It performs equally well as hot or iced coffee, and makes for an exceptional single origin espresso.

This coffee is sourced from Isayas Beriso, the owner of the Buku Washing Station. In addition to farming his own land, Isayas buys coffee cherries from roughly 400 smallholder farmers in the area, within the hamlet of Bule Hora. It was exported in collaboration with SNAP, an exporter based in Addis Ababa with an emphasis on specialty coffee and sustainability, and our import partner, Collaborative Coffee Source.

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