Mammoth Coffee Company

Gore Dako (Ethiopia)


Lemonade, Candied Citrus, Honey, Sugar Cookie

Origin Ethiopia
Region Agaro Gera, Jimma Zone
Producer Kata Muduga cooperative union
Variety Ethiopia Landrace
Elevation 2,000-2,100 masl
Processing Washed


Gore Dako opened for its first harvest season in fall 2019. Its location is ideal, located on the southern end of Agaro Gera, very close to the border of Goma, home to the Duromina Washing Station (Duromina is another offering for Mammoth in 2023). Gore Dako is part of the larger Agaro region, an area that produced lesser-quality coffees until an investment from USAID’s Technoserve program led to a massive revolution in processing potential, which allowed coffee from Agaro to showcase its unique character and improve the lives of those growing it in the process.

Gore Dako is a lively and invigorating coffee that changes from first sip to last. It first shows hints of berries and a flavor reminiscent of Blue Raspberry. As it cools, notes of lemonade and grapefruit acidity emerge. An elegant sweetness of honey and toffee persists throughout.

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