This is our backstory

At the moment of this writing Mammoth Coffee Co. is still a bit of a new concept. But hey, we’ve been around doing other things, so let’s unpack a bit of the history of Mammoth and all the things that have led up to this point.

For starters, “hi there,” I’m Jonathan. I’m the co-owner of Mammoth Coffee Co. along with my wife and business partner, Darlene. My coffee journey started in the mid-2000s working in various parts of the industry, first in marketing and journalism and eventually behind the bar. Around 2010, Darlene and I hatched a plan to open a coffee shop based on all of our observations and experiences over the years. That all came to fruition when we opened Mammoth Espresso in New Orleans in 2016.

We’re now more than five years into running our coffee shop, and over the past couple years we’ve been honing that vision further. It’s been shaped in a large way by the COVID pandemic, and how businesses like ours need to be resilient in the face of uncertainty. But there’s a lot of other factors that led us to create Mammoth Coffee Co. So what is Mammoth Coffee Co., and how is that different from Mammoth Espresso? Great question!

Founded in 2021, Mammoth Coffee Co. is our coffee roasting operation here in New Orleans. We’re positioned as sort of the Big Sis to Mammoth Espresso, our cafe. At Mammoth Coffee Co., we source and roast coffees from all of the world and then serve them in our cafe and to other wholesale partners. Mammoth Espresso, the cafe, is the showcase for all of the coffees that we produce.

At Mammoth Coffee Co., we’re sourcing coffees that fuel our passion as baristas and roasters. We look for excellent quality coffees from around the world, and roast them in such a way as to highlight their best characteristics, not hide them. Our philosophy as roasters is to get out of the way and let the coffee shine through in all of its nuanced, sweet and vibrant glory. And we also set out to form partnerships with producers and importers that value transparency, so that the actual value of the coffee is felt at origin by the people and communities doing the hard work.

Lastly, we formed Mammoth Coffee Co. to provide a pathway forward for our team. Realizing the limitations of a single retail business, our roasting operation has created opportunities to elevate our staff and provide them with experiences, and wages, beyond what can typically be found solely behind the bar. This growth-from-within model means that everyone involved in sourcing, roasting, sales and training are also part of our retail team at Mammoth Espresso.

There’s a lot to look forward to. I hope you’ll give us a shout if you want to learn more about Mammoth Coffee Co. and what we have in store. Cheers!