Jonathan and Darlene Riethmaier, co-owners of Mammoth Coffee Company

Mammoth Coffee Company is a boutique specialty coffee roaster, meaning that we operate within a narrow area within specialty coffee, focused exclusively on exceptional coffees that spark curiosity and have distinct character. Our philosophy is to source great coffees and then get out of their way, allowing the unique quality of their production, terroir, varietal and other factors to shine through. Think of us as merely coffee’s final caretaker on its journey from farm to cup.

We began sourcing and roasting coffee in 2021, but our story predates that. In 2016, co-owners Jonathan and Darlene Riethmaier opened Mammoth Espresso in New Orleans’ Warehouse District. The concept for this cafe was built on years of experience working in the industry, and intended to be a showcase for quality coffee and service. See that picture? Hey, that’s us!

In early 2020 we began exploring the future of our little company, asking questions like “Where’s this all going? How do we provide value to our community? How do we create upward mobility for our staff?” As we navigated the remainder of that year, which included the onset of the COVID pandemic, we added another, “How do we become more economically resilient?”

The answer, at least to us, was to enter the realm of coffee roasting. We set out to take control of the style and quality of coffee that we sell in our shop and online. But also, importantly, we sought to create pathways for growth for our staff to expand their skills and knowledge into new areas.

We’re a relatively small team of curious and passionate coffee professionals, and we’re happy to share our craft with you.