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Double Trouble (Blend)


Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Caramel, Creamy

Origin Caparaó (Brazil) & Huehuetenango (Guatemala)
Blend 50/50
Variety Catuai & Caturra
Elevation 1,040-1,750 masl
Processing Natural (Brazil) & Washed (Guatemala)


We’re fond of saying, “Here comes trouble.” But interestingly, our signature blend is no trouble at all. In fact, it’s our most popular and most reliable offering across a wide range of brewing styles. As a workhorse espresso, Double Trouble is chocolatey sweet with a great heft. It holds up beautifully in milk drinks and as a compliment to flavors like vanilla and chocolate in lattes. Double Trouble isn’t just for espresso, though. It serves as a comforting filter coffee that’s equally pleasing served black or alongside milk and sugar. It also makes a flawless and chocolatey cold brew.

The current blend features coffees from two of our favorite origins, Brazil and Guatemala. Currently, 50% of the blend is a natural processed coffee from Caparaó, Brazil, that lends its big body and chocolate sweetness. The other 50% is from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This coffee, sold separately as Tadeo Lopez, lends a touch of vibrancy with notes of citrus, stone fruit and honey.

The components of Double Trouble change through the year, but its spirit is enduring and it promises to be a reliable performer for a wide range of applications.


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