Mammoth Coffee Company

El Paraiso (Colombia)


Grilled Peach, Papaya, Nougat, Creamy

Origin Colombia
Region Vereda el Naranjal, Nariño
Producer Jose Ignacio Gomez Lopez
Variety Caturra
Elevation 1,900 masl
Processing Washed


Jose Ignacio Gomez’s farm is located in Vereda el Naranjal in the Nariño Department of Colombia. Nariño itself is a very unique place for coffee, with a geography, climate and culture distinct from other regions in Colombia. Many producers in Nariño, like Jose, are smallholder farmers with an eye for quality and biodiversity.

Jose’s farm, El Paraiso, sits at an altitude of 1900 meters on six and a half hectares of land (roughly 16 acres). There, he grows coffee alongside oranges, lemons and avocados. Jose grew up in a coffee producing family and has developed an excellent palate and eye for good coffee. After harvest, the coffee is processed at Jose’s micro mill at El Paraiso.

This is our second year purchasing Jose’s coffee, and it’s a privilege to once again offer this crowd pleaser. El Paraiso is a joy to drink, with a creamy mouthfeel and dense sweetness and inviting flavors of papaya, citrus and grilled peach.

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