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El Progreso (Colombia)


 Cherry Kool-Aid, Caramel, Citrus, Apple

Origin Colombia
Region Pitalito, Huila
Producer Rodrigo Sanchez & Claudia Samboni
Producer Type Microlot
Variety Caturra, Bourbon
Elevation 1,650 masl
Processing Washed


El Progreso is a comforting coffee with an intriguing aromatic profile reminiscent of cherry juice. Flavors of warm citrus, caramel and a hint of apple are apparent in the cup. This coffee is sweet, warm and inviting.

Finca El Progreso is the farm operated by Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia and Claudia Samboni in Vereda El Caramelo, Palestina, a municipality outside of the city of Pitalito in the Department of Huila, Colombia. On their farm, Rodrigo and Claudia grow Gesha, Bourbon and Caturra varieties between 1580 and 1700 meters above sea level. The selection we offer is a blend of Bourbon and Caturra coffee.

Finca El Progreso is special because it is where the Sanchez Valencia family was born and raised. The farm has been used for coffee production for 80 years, starting with just 8 hectares planted with coffee trees and growing to its current 22 hectares of coffee.

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