Follow me down to Flavor Town

We cupped about a bajillion Ethiopian coffees to find two that packed a massive wallop of rainbow-flavored adventure for our offer list. Think Lisa Frank doing a backflip on a dirt bike across a river filled with Jolly Rancher alligators.

We’re stoked to share these beauties with you.

A note on origin: these coffees are from the Guji Zone of Southern Ethiopia. Here, you’ll find complex coffees with bright acidity, enchanting fruit tones and pleasing florals.

Taste Profiles

Raro - Sports Drink, Kiwi, Strawberry, Tropical

Buku - Skittles, Lemon-Lime, Papaya, Vibrant

Order bags right here or snag one from Mammoth Espresso in downtown New Orleans, where they’re also featured on the coffee and espresso menu.