Meet Cocodrie, An “Aha Moment” Coffee

There’s a special kind of moment that a lot of coffee enthusiasts and professionals experience when they encounter a coffee so vibrant, so fruity and so unusually delightful, particularly for the first time. This is a phenomenon that can forever change the sensory perception and ardor of new and seasoned coffee drinkers alike.

I watched as my dear friend Travis Beckett eloquently described this “aha moment” as the central theme of his 2012 competition routine during the United States Barista Championships. The coffee used during his competition routine was a natural processed Ethiopian (Idido) roasted by Counter Culture Coffee. He described a sort of awakening that occurs when a coffee is so unique that its mere consumption changes our perspective on coffee altogether. This “aha moment” is something I’ve taken great joy in witnessing over the course of my coffee career, seeing the eyes (and presumably, minds) of coffee drinkers light up, as if they now understand the expansive flavor potential of coffee.

At Mammoth Coffee Company, we wanted to have a special place for such coffees, the ones that captivate the senses and capture, or rekindle, our love for the drink. In our inaugural lineup we included Cocodrie, a natural processed coffee bursting with ripe strawberry, milk chocolate and a syrupy body, as a nod to the important role of experiential coffee and to the folks who seek them out. One such admirer of this style is our own Coco, for whom this line of coffee has been named.

You’ll see iterations of Cocodrie come and go throughout the year. Each time with a new coffee, but always the same aim of delivering widely unique flavor profiles. The current release is a remarkable coffee from smallholder farmers in the Guji region of Ethiopia. Cocodrie is available for a limited time as a filter coffee, available in retail bags, and makes an occasional appearance as our guest espresso.

There are a couple weeks left to enjoy this coffee on our menu. Before long, though, Cocodrie will re-emerge as a fresh and adventurous new offering.