Meet Kiambu, a Juicy Kenyan Coffee Here for a Limited Time

If I were to recount my favorite coffees over the years, I believe probably half of them would be from Kenya. The sparkling acidity, vibrancy, depth and luxurious mouthfeel are all hallmarks of the very best Kenyan coffees. In this regard, Kiambu, from the acclaimed Muiri Estate in Kiambu County, certainly delivers.

Kiambu County is a powerhouse region that sits adjacent to the Kenya capital, Nairobi. This area of Kenya features some of the best coffee mills and quality labs (not to mention the Coffee Research Institute) in the world! This offering from Muiri Estate is also certified organic, which is especially rare in Kenya.

In keeping with the classic Kenya profile, Kiambu has a luxurious appeal, with plenty of depth and a cola-like sweetness, paired with sparkling acidity reminiscent of limes and fresh raspberry. As the coffee cools, a distinct melon quality arises. Kiambu is particularly well structured and tastes great from first sip to last.

We expect Kiambu to be available for another two weeks. Enjoy this coffee while it lasts.